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InfoPath Conversion - Repeating Tables.

Hi All,


I have an Info Path Form that I am converting to Smartform.


Part of the InfoPath has a repeating Table. the functionality is still required in the new smartform.

I've attached a screen shot of what I'm look for. Sorry I couldn't get it to upload in the post

Making REST call from Smartobjects?

I am trying to register an Endpoint Service using REST and im getting an error, is this possible or is its for SOAP calls only?

Can I check if the form is valid before ...

Hello everyone,


Inspired by the guidance of the whitepaper "The Proper Way to Attach Files in K2 InfoPath processes" I have an InfoPath form with a rule on the submit button to upload my files to a K2 SmartBox SmartObject.  In order for it to be effective, the relevant upload action has to execute before the submit action.


This works great in theory, but what I'm finding is that this rule runs even before form validation is checked.  That means files are being uploaded to the SmartBox and then the form fails to submit because, for example, a required field was not populated.


Is there someway I can force my InfoPath form to do all the validation checking and what not before my upload action takes place?

I'm hoping that's the purpose of the "Can I Submit Workflow Service" but haven't been able to find any documentation about how it works.

Or if not, can anyone suggest some solution or workaround to this?

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