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Difficulty in consuming XML Web services...

Hi There,


I have an established SOAP web service that prvides various information from LOB systems throughout the organisation. The web service returns 2 types: string or XML dataset. When testing the the string return types in the service object tool everyhting works as expected, however, when invoking a web method that returns an XML dataset I get garbage back.

I have a call open with K2 at athe moment but I;m not making much progress. I have heard that I might need to define the XML schema for the XML dataset but I have no idea where I am meant to doing this.


Ultimately I am trying to populate a drop down list in a smart form with the data returned for from this web method. If any one has had this issue with XML web services and K2 please get in touch.




K2.SerialNumber throwing "input str...



I am using K2 Blackpearl 4.6.7 and I am trying to store the serial number into a datafield from a Server Event as follows:


public void Main(Project_b842c4eda6074063bb5f315594e814b2.EventItemContext_67b31645691548e39c23bfe91a7bd1ad K2)
            K2.Synchronous = false;
          //  int serialNumber = Convert.ToInt32(K2.SerialNumber);
            K2.ProcessInstance.DataFields["SerialNumber"].Value = K2.SerialNumber;

 However I get the error "input string was not in a correct format" under error profiles in workspace for the Activity containing the server event. The error is not thrown when I set the datafield to a static number e.g. 

K2.ProcessInstance.DataFields["SerialNumber"].Value = 4;

 This makes me think the issue is with K2.SerialNumber. I have tried to debug this by Attaching to the Process in Visual Studio 2012 but the debugger wants me to idenfigy the file Project_b842c4eda6074063bb5f315594e814b2.EventItemContext_67b31645691548e39c23bfe91a7bd1ad.cs which does not exist.


I have managed to view the datafields when trying to access the ServerEvent from Code but it is always set to 0. The code to access the ServerEvent is as follows:


 ProcessInstance processInstance = connection.OpenProcessInstance(processId);
                String serialNumber = processInstance.DataFields["SerialNumber"].Value.ToString();


Does anyone have any idea how I get the ServerEvent to set the serial number in a datafield without the error I am getting?


[K2 SmartForms] File Attachment field re...

Hi all,


I have a File Attachment on one of my form which doesn't behave as expected :

 - When I Add the file, no problem. The rendering is good, I can click on the file to download it and check it. One would expect it to be displayed the same way after saving and reopening the form. See attachment "K2_FileAttach_Expected.png" for expected display.

 - After the save, when I open the form, the control is displayed as in attachment "K2_FileAttach_Problem.png". As you can see, it appears "broken", and I can't click to download it.


In the Initialization rule of the form, I simply get the file from a smartobject bound to SharePoint and put the return value "Document" in the File Attachment field. This works in other forms so that has to be a parameter issue.


In your opinion, what could cause this kind of behavior ?




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