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Custom task form in K2 Workflows



Created Infopath form and published to form library, then created workflow using K2 Designer (K2 Blackpearl) and deployed and it's working fine.

I want to use user submitted infopath form instead of default task form.Is there any way to rupdate/customize task form in K2?


Thank you,



Smartforms ideas

Hi all


I have to build a smartform witht he following scenerio. Just wanted to get ideas from you guys to see if its possible using smartforms.


Lets say I have a main form with the following two views


---------------Main Form--------

Item View




List View




Submit Button

-----------------End of Main form----


On List View Item Click of the main form: open a subform with following three views

It will populate the Item View below with the selected row data in the order listview in the main form.


----------------PopUp Form-----------

Item View




List View

--Location Name



List View

--Product Name



Update Button

---------End of PopUp form---------


I then add some data to the location and product list views in the popup form and click the update button.

It will then close the subform and all the changes will be stored temporarily to somewhere on the form itself.

And when I click Submit button on the main form it will only then write all the data to the database.














Update process data from another process...

I need to be able to update a particular data field in a process (let's call it process A) from another process (process B).  In process B, I know the process instance ID for the process A that needs to be updated.  Is there a way to do this without using a Server Code Event that uses the API and/or SmartObjects?


I considered adding a reference to the Process Data SmartObject in process A, but there are other processes that need the same functionality.  In other words, process A could be updated from process B, process C, or process D.

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