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SmartForms MultiValue SQL Lists

Help!  I'm so frustrated with this. 


I know I'm just missing something easy.  I've got an entry form that pulls values from a smartobject to give a checkbox list.  When I submit the form back to a different smartobject, I get xml data in the field.  I thought if I used the same type of field (checkbox list) on my "review" form, I would get the selected values in the checkbox list.  Instead I get no items to display.  What am I missing?




Send E-Mail Rule w/ Multiple Attachments

I have a view on a smartform (connected to a smartobject) that will allow me to select multiple files as attachments. When I use the "send an e-mail" rule on my submit button, and map the "Attachment" to the "File" field of my smartobject (which can be multiple files), when the rule runs and I get the email, it does NOT attach all of the files to the email, only the last file in the list.




Is there any way that I can have it attach multiple files and send those as attachments on the email?

In which database table in the K2 db can...

We're trying to retrieve the time spent in Sleep in activities from the ServerLog tables.

so far we've only be able to find processes in sleep in the [Server] tables during an active sleep.


In the [ServerLog].[Status] we can see an status called "Sleep" related to Slot and Worklist, but we never see any related records in any other tables.


Should we expect records to be created in the ServerLog tables when sleep completes? Or should it be retrieved somewhere else?

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Full Calendar Control

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