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SQL Server Service SmartObject only...
I've written a stored procedure that creates a temp table, loads the temp table from another stored procedure...
Pause or delay workflow, then repeat
I'm trying to create a workflow for a user that wants to automate a review process. Our users (and IT...
Cant see k2 items on google when i...
Hi,I cant see k2 items on google when i search for my site on google but i can see the once i posted on the...
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K2s Suggested Market Items

Exchange Mailbox Service Broker

Like Outlook but in a SmartObject. Now supports Office 365. This Service Broker allows K2 to connect to a...
Category: K2 blackpearl    Downloads: 1,172

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Tooltip Icon Custom Control Enhanced

This is an updated version of the "Tooltip Icon Custom Control" from K2 France. All credit goes to K2...
Category: K2 blackpearl    Downloads: 1,172

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