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Registered: ‎04-19-2017

Helping you to help yourself

What is Self Service?
Self Service is an electronic support mechanism that allows you to access electronic information and self-help materials to enable you to solve your own problems and queries.

What are the benefits of Self Service?
Most users today have become more self-sufficient when it comes to seeking out answers to product inquiries or support issues. First-rate search engines have made it possible to find any information you need 24/7 instead of having to contact a call center. In some cases, searching for the answer will solve your issue quicker.

Furthermore, self-service improves your own knowledge as it allows you to resolve problems at your own pace, and learn as much or as little as you want!
Our Community Forum has been at the center of our self-help service for many years. This is where you can ask product related questions, view questions asked by other users and participate in general K2 discussions. The advantage here is that you are learning from other users in real-world situations.

What are we doing at K2 to help you?
To make things as effortless as possible for you, we’re working behind the scenes to improve our sites, the accuracy of our search results and the quality of the content we present to you. There will be some changes in the future but we’ll communicate any major changes beforehand.

Let us know where we can improve
We love to hear from you! Please remember to use the feedback buttons on all our Knowledge Center content to let us know where we can improve!


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And feel free to message any of our Community Administrators with any suggestions or feedback.

Don't worry, Support is not going anywhere
If you have exhausted all the self-help facilities provided, our support teams will always be on hand to assist you with anything you need!

Below we’ve added links to useful online resources which can help you to access K2 Information quickly. Click on any title to go to that section. We've also attached a pdf that you can download for future reference.


Access K2’s Knowledge Center to view technical information, product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, troubleshooting guides, hotfixes and training materials.


Connect with other community members in our Community Forum where you can ask product related questions, view questions asked by other users and participate in general K2 discussions.


This site contains step-by-step tutorials that will guide you through creating K2 Applications and using K2 platform features.


Here you will find videos on how to use K2 to build and run business applications, training videos, case studies and more.


Curated community content for K2 users. Look here for answers to frequently asked questions and community articles about Blackpearl, K2 Appit and previous products.


Visit the K2 Partner & Customer Portal for account administration and support ticket management. Here you can also download current and previous versions of K2 products and access Beta software.


Click here to learn more about K2.

Here you'll find phone numbers for both K2 Blackpearl and Appit contacts, as well as office hours and our holiday schedule.


Please let us know what you think by replying below! 
Community Management 

K2 will not accept any liability for any issues arising from actions taken in respect of the information provided by any forum member.