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First Flight

Terminate a K2 workflow

Hi All


I have a requirement to delete a task and stop the workflow associated with it , (so that the user doesn't receive the Reminder mails). Is there anywhere I can stop/terminate a K2 workflow from the Smartform or from the K2 workflow itself ? 

Kudos Cadet

Re: Terminate a K2 workflow

Hi Sweta,


As a quick workaound if you dont want to receive any further mails you can delete instance from workspace dorectly.

and for the terminate process you should have a specfic condition that will not satisfiy and you can make End process . Ypu can have a time stamp[ after that if user not taken action on task item then it should route to another flow and end workflow as required.




First Flight

Re: Terminate a K2 workflow

Hi Chiru 


Thanks for your response. I am actually looking at terminating the workflows from the Forms or from within the workflow. My requirement is that when I delete a record from the database, the workflow associated with the record and the tasks which are set on the records should also stop/expire. I tried parallel tasks and on completion of one tasks (delete tasks) I go to the end of the WF , but in such scenario the existing tasks are not getting exired. So not sure on how to complete the existing tasks. 

Forum Technician

Re: Terminate a K2 workflow

We have a very similar scenario.

K2 5.1, Fix Pack 10


We have a K2 workflow that sends an email based on a Reminder Date. That Reminder Date is calculated in the K2 form as (Event Date - 60 days). If that Event Date changes, we need to update the Reminder Date so the user isn’t sent a reminder too early or too late.


Our assumption is that the workflow instance makes a static copy of the Reminder Date. So we would need to set a second workflow to fire on Item Edit, and then have it kill the original instance of the first workflow. It seems like Folio name may help us out here but we don’t see a way to kill a workflow instance inside Workflow Designer. Hence, we’re wondering if this is even possible.


Has anyone found a way to do this? We're looking for something essentially programmatic (inside the form or the workflow) rather than something users would have to do manually via Workspace. Thanks!