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The number of installed licenses for K2.net 2003 has been exceeded.



we are using K2.net 2003 in our application. In UAT it is started trowing the exceptions like 'The number of installed licenses for K2.net 2003 has been exceeded. The task item could not be allocated to the destination. Contact your administrator' . I have gone through articles,suggestions and archvied old instances of K2 from backend and ensured there are only 5 users in K2users table and restarted the K2.net server. I have done the same thing couples times but still we are receiving the same error. Please could someone comment and let me know how to resolve the issue. we are stuck with the issue to move further.


K2users table has only 5 entires.





Re: The number of installed licenses for K2.net 2003 has been exceeded.

Hi K2net2003

Have a look at the following KB article, that gives a clearer indication of how licenses are used

This explains the how the server evaluates the Named User Licenses. 
I would also advise you to check the queue that the process is assigned to, and see how many users are assigned to that queue itself.
You might need to re-export the process and restart the process instance using the new version of the process definition.

The license user count is a variable that is set to zero on a server restart. Then it is populated by reading values from the _worklist table. Users that have participated or worked on a finished work item are also used. Thus the combination of unique users from the _Worklist table as well as unique users from the _Particiapte table compose the user license count

SELECT DISTINCT [User] FROM _Participate - K2Log Database
SELECT DISTINCT [User] FROM _Worklist - K2 Database

You might also have to delete some of your process isntances to clear up some licenses. 
Let me know how it goes.




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