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Archon K2 Log Watcher

by DanielB on ‎08-13-2015 05:36 AM


Archon K2 Log Watcher is a simple application for monitoring K2 blackpearl log files as they are being written to.  It allows you to see the overall status of one or more log folders, and shows the latest log entries as soon as they appear in the log file.

Archon K2 Log Watcher Overview.png

You can also open existing log files to view details in a formatted manner.

The application aims to remain lightweight and non-intrusive by:

  • Being notified of log activity via the .Net FileSystemWatcher object (as opposed to polling the log folders, etc);
  • Only reading the small portion of the log file which has been added;
  • Not locking the log file while the read is performed.

Further Information:

Please check the documentation file for more information about Archon K2 Log Watcher.

Other Software by Archon Digital:

Archon Digital is a K2 techonology partner, and we also make the commercial BlueWave suite of productivity tools for K2.  BlueWave offers manual and automated testing, documentation generation, process change detection, live instance management, simulation, and more.  Please check http://archonbpm.com for more info.