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Read/Respond if you have Exchange or Exchange Mailbox Service Broker Expertise (please!)



I'm using the community service broker for Exchange Mailbox and Exchange Attachments.  While it's not perfect, it does meet most of our needs.  


Twice, however, this has happened...we started getting this error:




We have investigated it the Exchange team, and they can't figure out why it happens.  Generally, when the error pops up, it seems to 'fix' itself in *personal details removed* minutes or so.  Yesterday was 45...and i was freaking out the whole time.


Strangely, the error happens when ANY of our 3 K2 server instances tries to execute a SmartObject method using that broker.  It's not relegated to a specific service account or server.  One would think of Exchange were throttling K2, it would throttle the specific account, not K2 as a whole.


Anyway, does anyone have familiarity with that error?  Any ideas on what we can do to keep it from happening in the future?





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Registered: ‎09-13-2016

Re: Read/Respond if you have Exchange or Exchange Mailbox Service Broker Expertise (please!)



This error is specific when any of your K2 servers is attempting to get information from Exchange. 


When you experienced this error, did your Exchange server go down during that time? I've experienced may errors from K2, where the exchange server could not be connected to, or it went down, and K2 was unable to get any information for a significant amount of time. During this time, K2 is not dynamic enough to try to re-ping the Exchange server. 


Additionally, have you tried to restart the K2 server when you get this error? Or does it just miraculously work again, without doing anything? 



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