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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-15-2017

Referencing issues on Package and Deploy



I'm trying to transfer a project from Dev to UAT with the Package and Deploy tool. I'm getting several lines (17) of this error:


'xxxxxxxxxx' Form is referencing the 'Control with Guid: <GUID>' property on the 'yyyyyyyyyyyy' View that could not be found.


This is happening across two Forms, where the GUID is different for each, and across 4 different Views. How do I debug this?


How do I identify the rule that is referencing this control? Is it one of the disabled lines as it is not making issues when running the Form?

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Re: Referencing issues on Package and Deploy

Hi MarkMOZ,


Thank you for posting your query here. It appears there have been similar issues in regards to the issue you have been facing which have been resolved by applying our August CU which is for 4.7.  




I would like to ask are you on this version of Blackpearl ? If you are then you can download the our latest CU for November via the following link:




Kind regards, 



New Contributor
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎08-15-2017

Re: Referencing issues on Package and Deploy

[ Edited ]

I have updated to the November patch but the same issues remain. I've attached a picture under Form Errors.png.


I also have another issue. In the attached image (HP RM Errors.png), under the SmartObject Explorer branch, why are the methods in HP RM have an 'X' in the Tester program? 

I've attached another image (HP RM ServiceObject.png) on what that same object looks like under the ServiceObject branch. Is the HP RM object different between these two branches?

With the packaging errors, the rest of the error message is: 'HP RM Search List View' View is referencing the '<property>' property on the 'UnknownSmartObject' SmartObject that could not be found.