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Sending email from the user logged in



I still have a ticket with K2 regarding SMTP, and v4.7 not working... but I wanted you guys why when a User is logged in and authenticated, that an email action in a form rule cannot be sent?


In the From field i'm using a Text box with the actual logged in Users own email placed it in from a Getuserdetails AD smartobject.


Can the emails only be sent by K2 service account via this Rule or by users (WHEN they are logged in themselves). Other than having to add each user, is there a setting to allow the users own email be used to send the email? - WITHOUT USING a WORKFLOW



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Re: Sending email from the user logged in

[ Edited ]

K2 Blackpearl has 3 classes able to send email... why don't ask me... did not developed, but play around a good bit of time LEARNING + TESTING + MAKING_MANY_MISTAKES... that last one is the story of my life.


Anyhow... so you can send email from:


Item View




At the end of the day all 3 should work the same using the SMTP protocol to send an email. however, they are not configured all 3 exactly the same of depending on the same variables, this makes me think, perhaps when BlackPearl was developed different teams or developers did not reference the same configuration for their setup... consequently ending with 3 different configuration. 


If you have all your configuration settings correctly you should be able to call Email from either a view, on an action, on initialize or from a Rule, you also should be able to call it directly on load or from an Outbound rule once something is clicked.


But regardless of what do you use, the email will be source from the From Address or Service Account in BlackPearl.. there is no way that I know that you will send email on behalf of someone else.


Hope this helps....


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Posts: 578
Registered: ‎04-29-2014

Re: Sending email from the user logged in

Hi Caveman,


K2 confessed that they removed the functionality from v4.7 to send Anonymous email (SEND AS) from Form Rules - Send Email.


We have multiple forms that use Form Rule Action - Send Email, where the FROM field is the user submitting the request - This works out of the box with V4.6.11.


They removed it in v4.7 and this is not acceptable.

I'm waiting for a solution from them to put this back in...... still waiting..... still waiting. Ticket is getting very ooooooooooooold.