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Posts: 39
Registered: ‎12-22-2015

Setting Filter in SmartObjectWizard for For each loop

I have troubles with filtering out SmartObject data for For each loop. The SmartObject is SharePoint list type. Problem is that instance runs too long (about 2 hours each day), since I not able to filter per Datum field (today). Currently i have set filter by ID, status, and some other fileds. I noticed that filter doesn't work correctly when i have combination A and B and (C or D). I managed to work it correctly when I chnaged filter rule to A and B and C and D and E (just changed status to AND conditions withoud grouping OR).


I will be very hapy if anybody has hint how to filter our per datum, or maybe some other way (prepairing/replicating filtered data in other SO for 4eachloop).


Some details about configuration:

SO has 3000 rows

For each SO conf.: Input parameters empty, Filter (has parameters).


Please find enclosed screens.


Thank you for hints!




Posts: 39
Registered: ‎12-22-2015

Re: Setting Filter in SmartObjectWizard for For each loop

I just solved it. I was not able to get any result, when I defined datum in input mapping, but I succed in Filter.


I constructed 1.1.20*personal details removed*:30 AM (the value which I have stored in SO) in following way:

NameofVariable, type DateTime

Transfer data, expression:

 Today ->  NameofVariable

 Add Hour NameofVariable -> NameofVariable

 Add Minutes NameofVariable -> NameofVariable


I hope anybody helps this ...