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Registered: ‎03-22-2016

Where is workflow data stored?

Forgive me as I'm fairly new to K2, but where is workflow data stored? Specifically who the action item is waiting on? Is it XML? SQL? I am pretty well schooled in database management and  I see several K2 databases (we're on an older release) in SQL but none of them have produced the data I'm loooking for. Thanks!

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Re: Where is workflow data stored?

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Hi Chugghins,


K2 uses SQL server to store and maintain all its workflow related data. K2 also provides you default smartobjects which provides the information about worllistitems. Those smartobjects should be available under category System/Management/Worlflows/Smartobjects.

You can find a smartobject Worklist Item which gives the data that you are looking for