Lets talk about K2 reports

  • 6 July 2020
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Not really dabbled much with reports, i've tended to use ms reporting services etc to do them.

MS Reporting is ideal for showing what is in the DB etc, but doesn't reflect the true throughput of K2.

For example a form might be edited and submitted a number of times, so that doesn't reflect when using other tools....


But i'd like to use K2 workspace reports to get true figures of Processes Started etc.


How can i create a K2 report which shows all instanced started of a particulr process within a Date range.


I tried do a custom filter and selected start date equal to and greater than for example July 2019, but the result in only going back as april 2020, no previous figures are appearing. It seems to be only seeing the last 90 days off data...



I set the Processes All Filter at the top to "ALL", then under All processes, the custom filter to show anything beyond July 2019 does nothing, you get same results as Default. In fact i set the custom filter to June 2020 and the results are still the same as Default.... why?


Any ideas?

2 replies

Hello  @Sharpharp1


At the top right corner of the Report page in Workspace, there should be a drop-down list, called Started Date, that defaults to 90 days. Try changing that to 'All' as well since that filters the entire page. Next thing to check would be that you have chosen your custom filter from the drop-down list under the 'All Processes' section. Lastly, I would ensure that your date is in the correct format to filter agaist (i.e. YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS.sss). One of these is most likely the reason why the data seems to still be capped at 90 days unless you have archived data from the K2 database. Archived data cannot be accessed by standard reporting SmartObjects used in the reports in Workspace. 




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Dates are saved in the correct format.


I want to select a custom DATE range in the process instances, i can click ALL at the top and it shows the entire range for the last few years, there is no custom DATE RANGE option.


Then if i add a filter under All process, it does nothing, i just get the results as if 90 days was selected