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Is it possible to embed powerbi reports within K2 smartforms?


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That depends on what you mean by embed. If you are referring to using a control to embed PowerBI, then I don't think there is a control out of the box that can achieve that. If you have a URL that can open up a readable version of your report, you can try using the Content control to "embed" the report in your form.

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Please see the below link to our K2 Five user guide that discusses how to use the K2 OData Feed with Microsoft Power BI:



Additional PowerBi troubleshooting:


I hope this helps.


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i'm not talking about using PowerBI to create reports from the K2 data, i want to try and have existing power bi reports inside a k2 smartform

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As boringNerd was saying, you can use Smartform content control to achieve this ( 


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What you can try:

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I have seen something similar to this in the past when K2 was configured for Http but the url was Https. Have you tested the content control with a generic site (i.e 


yeah that works, and so do other sites

i'm not sure if it doesn't work for PowerBI Reports servers


our SQL report servers work ok

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I tested this out early today and got similar behavior that you mentioned. For it to work, the report must be published with web feature in Power BI. See video link:


Publish to web from Power BI



We don't use the web version of PowerBI

we use the on prem version


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Hi braddo,


As a test, could you embedded the report in a HTML page with iframe tag and see if that will work?

It sounds like anonmyous access must be set for the report on Power BI report server for it to work correctly for the on prem version. 

i was able to resolve it

i added


at the end of my url

thanks all

it is working