Create a Summary Email in a Workflow

  • 18 July 2017
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I am executing a workflow, and at its completion I'd like to include a summary email.  


Is it possible to show a list view within an email?  I had assumed not, so I thought I could use a 'Create Reference' step to get all the items from the list that I would like to display.  If I copy that Reference Item to the email, it shows all the items just bunched together  (ie 101102103104).  I would ike to show the information as Unit 101, Unit 102, Unit 103, Unit 104.  Ultimately, information related to each unit, each on its own line.


I thought about a loop, but not sure how I'd append the information to a field that could then be displayed the way I'd like.


My only other thought is to create a PDF from the list, but I can only do that in a smartform and not sure how I would trigger that form to run automatically from a workflow as this workflow is a manually run, scheduled event.


Any ideas how I'd create and add this 'list' of information to an email?

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Hi camens,


I cannot find a way to format the reference in an email event but I believe you can use the workflow to create PDF using 'PDF Converter' SmartObject, this smo has a method called 'Create PDF From URL' which allows you to pass the form URL to create PDF file out of it.


The smartobject is located under this path in the designer SystemControlsSave as PDF 


hope that helps