Data not appearing in SharePoint Forms

I'm working with very simple forms and workflows - both SharePoint Online forms and SmartForms.  An initiator fills out and submits a form; the reviewer gets notified and follows the item link, but the form is empty of data.  Have tested this is different browsers.  The workflow can get approved and keep moving, and the data may or may not show up in later steps of the process.  Any thoughts?

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If i am getting the question correct your workflow task form does not show list data?


If so, you have selected wrong form to display in your assign task in workflow. Will be great if you can share a snapshot!

Thanks for the reply.  I'm beginning to think there is a bug in my system, for we've not had this problem before.  I just created two identical lists and workflows, one using SP forms, the other K2 forms.  The workflow is a one-step approval.  In following the review link that comes via email, the reviewer does not see the data for the item when using SP forms, but does see the data for the item using K2 forms.  It seems so simple.  Are we missing something?  Two pics are attached related to the forms for the SP Forms test.  rp





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