People Picker not updating item on Update/Create method

  • 20 July 2017
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I have created a SharePoint list that has a Person/Group column on it. I have then generated the SmartObject, views and Forms. The automatically generated people picker that is created for the column resolves perfectly, but when the view executes the Update / Create method for the item, the column on the item is left blank. 


When I look at the method configuration, under input mappings the column has the Picker control mapped in. 


Is this the correct mapping? This has been done automatically when K2 has created the SmartObject and views. 


Thanks in Advanced. 

7 replies

So if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that when the form gets submitted it's not capturing what was in the people picker control?  So when you go to the list everything is there but the colum for the person is empty?

Yes thats correct. 

In the save logic is the control there?


Here's an example of how I have it set up.


Sorry, looks like your images haven't worked?

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Please attach a screenshot of the picker control data source configuration.




See attached data source, resolve method and mapping. 'Raised by' is the column with the Picker Field. 


The Resolve method appears to be working correctly. 





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Hi Matt,


It seems that you have the Field and the Display Field properties set to None:



Please make sure the picker control properties configured as screenshot below: