Test with CheckBox List

  • 5 June 2018
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Sorry for my english, i'm french and i'm hope you ca understund me :)


I need your help


I have one CheckBox list with 10 values

I would like create rules for testing this ckeckBox list



The test is :

If my "CheckBoxlistequal "Aucune" 

    send message and display two label



Résult :

Nothing happen


Or when i try this test => 

If my "CheckBoxlistcontains "Aucune"  

The test work properly



How can i do for testing one values of my checkboxlist 


1 reply

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The Check box list control is setup to store data as an XML string.

If you want to do the comparsion, then you will probably have to compare it as XML.


1. Add an advanced condition in your rule and set it to the one below.

Ex: Checkbox List = (equal) <collection><object><fields><field><value>Aucune</value></field></fields></object></collection>