Workflow in SharePoint List

  • 2 August 2017
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I have a requirement where I have to create series of task and notification based on time.


order placed                                                                                                  3 months prior to start date

Meeting with attendees                                                                                2 months prior to start date

Prep booth                                                                                                         3 weeks prior to start date

Ship booth                                                                                                          2 weeks prior to start date

Receive booth back                                                                                         5 days after end date

Template/website development                                                                  2 weeks prior to start date

Review/approval                                                                                             9 days prior to start date

Mailing list                                                                                                          9 days prior to start date

Send email blast                                                                                               1 week prior to start date

Social media post                                                                                             3 days prior to start date

Follow up                                                                                                            5 days after end date


Please help me how to achieve this easily.

1 reply

What you require is a scheduled workflow.  You can do this any number of ways.  None of them easy.  I have successfully used the HarePoint workflow scheduler to do something like this.  You can create some date fields in your list, and then have the OnSave workflow calculate them.  Then, you create a workflow that compares today's date with each of the notification dates.  If its a match, send the notification or create a task.  It works well if the list is not very long.  If it has a lot of items, you may want to create a view for each notification with the filer being notificationdate = [today].  then, you can run one workflow or use seperate ones to run on the view in the list.  The workflow scheduler is free at