Anonymous access needed for Save As PDF?

I am looking for information on using Save As PDF in K2 Cloud, if anonymous access is needed as in my current K2 blackpearl 4.7 configuration.


I have an existing solution on K2 Blackpearl 4.7 where I have a Form with a View that displays data from a SmartObject. The Form has a button to save the Form to a PDF file, using the Save As PDF control. Users need to login to view the Form. Without anonymous access, the login page is saved to the PDF, as the Save to PDF action is executed as the K2 service account. So I have set up anonymous access in order to get the Form rendered correctly in the PDF(


As I am planning to move to K2 Cloud, I want to gather information on how to migrate this solution, or if I need to find an alternative method for saving to PDF. I found the K2 Cloud documentation on the Save As PDF control ( It looks like I do not need anonymous access but I can not test this as I do not have access to K2 Cloud yet. Being a cloud service, users will need to login (using AAD) to access the Form, but how will the Save As PDF Control handle this?

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Hi  @HarmW;


Kindly reffer to the following link regarding to "how the PDF Save As Control works on Cloud":-

...Also check out with this article for in-case, you need to convert to pdf using k2 designer workflow (


>>>for future refference as your planning to migrate to cloud following are the options you should consider(intergrate/connect cloud and on-premise environment " shared "data)

refferenced as follows:-( , (


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Hi Widson,


Thank you for providing more information, I was however unable to find an explicit statement that it would work out of the box, without providing anonymous access to Form & data. I expect it will work but shall test this when I get access to K2 Cloud.


The other articles you linked were a good addition for understanding K2 Cloud better, thanks!