Choosing What Is Saved As PDF

  • 6 November 2018
  • 2 replies

I wish to find out how to save only portions of my form as a pdf, i.e. certain views. I have a documentary view, a summary view at the bottom that shows the created pdf, and some buttons. I do not want the buttons and the summary saved, but would want to save a view that exists in between. How can I do this?

2 replies

Perhaps you could hide the appropriate controls/views and then execute the Save as PDF method? I imagine this would only make sense if saving the smartform as a pdf was happening at the end, such as when a user was clicking a submit button and then the form closes. But if not could you reshow the controls and views after the pdf has been taken, but first maybe show the user a warning message

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I found that my generate PDF buttons and such were showing on the PDF as well so what I did on the Form Level was added in an asynchronously hide the view where I had the Generate Button and then I showed it after and it took the view off on the PDF.  And it didn't even show on the form so it was almost as if it did it behind the scenes.