Creating a list view from two Smart object Tables

  • 26 October 2020
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Can any body help

I want to create a single list view from two smart object tables. The first table is a list of contracts the second table is a list of Contract owners and managers. The two lists are maintained by two different groups of people. Is there any way the when a contract list view is opened it can pull in to the list view the the current contract owners and managers.


Many thanks


Andy R  

3 replies

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Hi @AndyR1,


Each list view can only display data from its own smart object/ database. Unfortuanately list views cannot pull data from other tables. As an alternative, you can display listviews side by side via a Form (even below each other):

Simply drag and drop a list view onto a form and you will see panels of where you can drop them.

 Hope this helps :)


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I think you can create advanced smartobject association (Master-Detail).  please check here



For loading performance, you can create advanced smartobject list method (storedprocedure with join master detail table).  This approach table join is performed in Database level




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Hi there @AndyR1 


Are you using a smartBox smartObject or is it an Advanced smartObject?

If you are using SQL as your database, I would suggest that you use a stored Procedure for this, then after create a smartObject and list view out of it.