Custom Error message on Server Rules error

  • 22 January 2021
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We are loading the form using server rules to improve the performance. But if any failure on the server rule call then system throws server error popup message there its in xml format. We have  “When the form is in error” rule but it executes at client side and the server error is not reaching this method. So system shows the server error what its getting from the k2 server. How can we customize the server errors in k2?

4 replies


Hey Vraj,


What happens if you use the “Error Occurred” condition in the server rule? Does that pick up the server error?




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Hi Vraj,


May I know if you are refering to modifying the error messages in K2 ?

If so you might want to checkout the link below

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Hey Kate,


That’s not quite the same issue that Vraj is having. His issue pertains to the “When the Form is in Error” event only picking up client-side errors, and not server-side errors when using server side rules.


I think it’s a bug, rather than a new feature request.



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Hello @vraj,


As a quick solution (you can also call it dirty solution), what i can think of is to play with hidden data label as below


When the server loads the form

Rule 1: Transfer data - SET IsErrorOccured datalabel = 1

--- Configure the other logic--

Rule N (Last one) : Transfer Data - SET IsErrorOccured datalabel = 0


and On the event Form is initializing,

if IsErrorOccured datalabel = 1 which means some error occured while executing server side rule.


We can check the value of IsErrorOccured datalabel and then show the user the custom error message.



Divya Raj