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When you create a table in a view you get a chance to format it right away. If you ever click of the initial table screen it is nearly impossible to get back to be able to format the entire table. Does anyone have a trick to get back to this? Sometimes if I click just right and the moon and stars are in allignment I can do it. There must be something I am missing.  Very frustrating an not a good use of time. 




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Hi LauraVDB,

There is currently no way to set format the entire table. You may log this as a feature request on the Ideas forum:

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Hi LauraVDB


Looking at the request here we can see some specifics are missing. There are two tables that you could possibly be refering to:

One is the default table that comes witht he view creation.

Two is the table control which adds an additional table to the views table canvas.

Also when you refer to the word format, I presume that you are pointing to the table properties. See below images:

View table Proprties: 

*Please note that the "Format" option you see in the view properties is only available in K2 5.3.

Table control proprties:

*Please note that the "Format" option you see in the table control properties is available in K2 5.3 and 5.2, it was just renamed in 5.3 from Styles to Format.


Taking the above factors into account the result would depend on which of the above you are refering to.

Here is however an overview of both the view table and the table control table and how you can select their proprties. See spoiler for details:


1) View Table:

The view table properties can be managed when clicking on an empty cell or when clicking on the cell space between a control. See axamples below:


2) Table control table:

The table control properties can be viewed by pressing this icon 

For more information on the table control please see the K2 User Guide:

K2 Five 5.3

K2 Five 5.2


Kind Regards