Hiding controls leaves empty space on View

  • 22 January 2021
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I have multiple controls on my view which are basically split up into 4 different sections. On top of the view I have a dropdown list, depending on the value I choose from there it shows/hides certain controls.

The problem I ran into is that when I e.g only want to show Section 1 and 4 (so there are multiple controls inbetween those that are being hidden) the space that is being occupied by the hidden controls doesn’t disappear and I have a large white space in the middle of the view . See screenshot:

Is there any way to make the space thats being occupied by hidden controls disappear, as long as they are hidden?

2 replies

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Hi @msuess94,


I think it does that because each control is on a new row, and when you hide them, the rows are still visible. One solution that I can think of is putting multiple controls below each other on one row:

If you want controls to be spaced below each other, you can put them next to each other and press “Shift” + “Enter” and the control will go down one space and you can press it again for how many spaces you want.

It will hide the row and there shouldnt be a large gap as there is only one row.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need a better explanation :)


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Try putting your sub-sections in their own table, and hiding the entire table instead of individual controls. Make sure there aren’t any blank columns in the row containing your table (merge the cells) and that should solve your problem.