How to Get Previous Year date in SmartForms

  • 24 September 2020
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Hello Mates,

I had date control and when user select any date like *personal details removed* i would like to display the previous year date in another date control so date should be *personal details removed*. How we can do this. I had created expression but due to time zone issues its not working.


Can you let me know how to handle this.

2 replies

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Hi  @Tan 





I dont know fully understand the question, But I was able to do so by using Transfer action rule when Calender/date control was changed.


The rule
rule to just transfer date from one control to the other



If you want to subtract a year from the given date, You can use the substract days function in your expression (Have a look at the attachments), Be aware that this doesn't work everytime since there are Leap years.

Rule with expression


Final results



I hope this helps, but If doesn't, would you maybe give me more details on this.








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As HulisaniN mentioned,  just add checking whether it’s a leap year or non-leap year.


number of day in leap year is 366 and number of day in non-leap year is 365