Import Excel rows to SmartObject

  • 4 March 2019
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I am trying to create a way to import excel row data into a K2 smartobject on K2 cloud. As I cannot create custom control features I am having a little trouble. Has anyone on Cloud been able to successfully import data from Excel into K2?


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4 replies

Hey alexandremirand,


You can try using the Excel Import Service Broker from K2 Community ( to read your Excel file into a SmartObject. From there, you will need to loop through each record, then call a SQL SmartObject to insert the record into your SQL database.


Please note that the service broker is not developed by K2, and is therefore not supported by K2 Support. If you need assistance on using that service broker, please post your queries on our K2 Community forum, or contact the developer of the broker directly.




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If your using K2 Cloud then the use of custom service brokers is not supported


I have this requirement a lot whereby I need to bulk load lots of data from excel into SmartBox objects.  I havent found an easy solution yet.

Disappointing that this or something of the like does not exist for cloud. Hopefully this is rectified in the future.  

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I apologize, I must have missed that you are on K2 Cloud in my last post. K2 is slowly adding excel functionality to Cloud as they update the product with FixPacks. They have added the ability to export to excel; however, the functionality to import excel rows to a smartobject is still being considered for a future update. 


Please follow this link to vote for the idea on our site: