Link to a form from a list view.

  • 5 February 2019
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Hello all,


  I'm working on a tuition reimbursement form for our company and I'm stuck as to how to move forward with one of my views.  


  I'm using Azure SQL as the back-end for the forms.  After someone submits a request I want there to be a form that contains a list-view that lists all of their active requests and the status of that request.  This isn't a worklist per se as they will not have a task assigned to them, but just a list of their requests.


  I'm having no problem getting the list to populate with tasks, I'm just curious how I would go about linking the items in the list view to a display form that would show the request in more detail, and where I'd also have a place to capture comments.


  I was assuming I would add a button to the list view that they would click and I could use the sql service smart object "list" method and pull in the primary key from the list view.  Unfortunately I'm stuck as how to do this.  I've also been unable to get the button to show up in the list view.  Here is a picture of what I've got so far:



2 replies

How about using the hyperlink control instead of a button?  The hyperlink can be configured to open your form.  You can set the display text and the hyperlinked Url, passing parameters from the SmartObject with the key of your row.

I ended up figuring out what I think will work.  I used that "when the list view is clicked"  and had that pass the primary key to a label which I then passed to the SQL service smart object and was able to list the data from there.  I spent a week trying to figure this out and this it just hit me out of nowhere.