List item with ID 1 not found in Environment Fields

  • 2 October 2018
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I have deployed a package from our dev environment to our deployment invironment and I'm getting this error: "List item with ID 1 not found in Environment Fields." when running the form.

I have been directed to a K2 article  article2 that explanes the user rights on the list that is used. On the list that i use the option "All Items or alle users"has been enabled.

Anyone have some pointers where to fix this?

How can I debug this?


2 replies



Please update the runtime and designer URL in the Environment.FieldValue table for SmartForms Designer SSL URL and SmartForms Runtime SSL URL. Restart the k2 service.


If the issue persist you also can:
The field in the Property XML field of Form.Control table had to be changed to match the new system name:



      “NB: This field should be updated to the new system name”



also run SQL proc to update this field in the Prod DB to fix the views and make a new package to deploy to test.




More context about what you are doing when you receive that error message would be helpful.  Are you doing something with a SharePoint list?  Clicking on an item in a list view?  What is the sequnce of actions you are attempting to perform?



Since this was posted in the Cloud forum I am assuming you are using K2 Cloud.  The other posting about changing a config file would only be for on-premise versiond.