Modify SharePoint list generated views

  • 1 August 2019
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I have a SharePoint list with around 44 columns. From SPO I generated the smartobjects and smartforms which is working. However the auto generated view has all the columns set out vertically. I would like to update the view so that I have two columns of fields.


What is the best way to do this? I checked out the view but cannot seem to edit it. That is move fields to the right of other fields.


Any help would be greatly appreciated


Thanks Vera

2 replies

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Hello Vera,

You should be able to change the columns being used by clicking the Create Labels and Controls toolbar button. You can find this button on the top left of the View Design canvas. Please see the following documentation for some assistance.

Thanks for the information. I tried it and regenerated the view. However all the rules went. How can change to two columns without losing all my rules. I dont want to redo them.


Thanks. Vera