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  • 9 November 2020
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I have a dropdown control with data source configured, this data source is a stored procedure that needs a parameter to filter data and show different values. It is configured to save the codformat value and show the description of this codformat. As you can see in the capture:



My question is, later in a list how I can show the description if I saved the codformat in database. 




2 replies

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Hello - the same list is smart enough to show the description related to the value you give it. So just reading the codformat into this dropdown control will display the related description automatically if you leave it set up as it is. Please let me know if that makes sense and if it works out for you.

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Hi @tbyrne777, thanks for your reply

I have tried to do what you tell me, but doesn’t work.


I think I have to put you in context so you can help me:

  • I have a picker where I select the articles I want, when I already have an article, it passes the parameter I need to the drop down list and shows me the filtered options.
  • When I double-click on the list the drop down value select is refreshed and not work correctly
  • And finally referring to the main question, as what is saved is not what the drop down needs to filter (it needs the code of the article that the picker passes it and what is in the database is the selected format code)  does not show me anything.

Next I leave structure a from the picker and the drop down and their respective fields in the view:


Item picker:



Drop down list:



The fields of the drop down:



Any ideas?