Single Activity Instance Destination

  • 18 August 2020
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I am currently recreating all of my K2 4.7 workflow in K2 5. In 4.7 when creating a user task you could set the destination rule options as "Plan per destination - All at once" and specify a single slot. Then add a destination set with mutliple K2 Roles. The effect of this is that when the activity instance was created in the workflow it would produce a single activity instance destination regardless of the numer of users/groups or roles, thus creating a single serial number that can be acted upon by numerous individuals. In K2 5.3 I am abale to find any mechinism to replicate the behavior. No matter how I configure the user activity I get multiple activity instance destinations and thus mutiple serial numbers. Having a single activity instance destination is a critical aspect of the interaction that I am using from a custom application that interacts with the K2 via the API.


Is there any way to replicate the behavior and produce a single activity instance destination for multiple roles in K2 5?


Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.



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Kindly checkout the link below, this is regarding the task result rule tab. Might be able to help you

in your query


Hope this helps


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