Synchronize Groups Buttons Greyed out on SharePoint

  • 1 June 2018
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Hi All,


If you're experiencing an error where the synchronize groups button on SharePoint has been disabled, this is expected behavior following Update 4.  This occurs because we have now enabled the identity microservice for Cloud/Appit customers. The identity microservice automatically synchronizes identities and updates from AAD and SharePoint to K2. For more information on the identity microservice, please refer to the following KB article:


Hope this clears up some confusion!

- Emily


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5 replies

Thanks Emily for this informaton, it is helpful! 



I followed the KB.  I created an Office group and a Security group in AAD.  I waited for an hour.  When I create a new application, neither groups resolved.  What else could be wrong?



Can search the groups in pickers? or UMGroup / UMUser smartobjects?


Cannot search the groups in the picker either.


Thanks, Rmd

Thanks, I think its best if you open a K2 Support ticket. We will need the following

1) KUID of the instance
2) SP and AAD Group names
3) SP Site URL