Update Process Data fields (K2 Cloud)

  • 7 August 2019
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Hi All


I have lots of running processes in K2 Cloud where a certain data field contains invalid value.  There is no way through the workflow to update this information and they are going into error.

I need some way to manually update a data field in these instances - how can this be done?
Because we are using K2 Cloud there is no option to use 3rd party tools.

Is there a way to do it through a smartObject or through K2 Management?




2 replies

Hi  @paulsturmey;


Kind check out under Enhancements specifically workflow designer ( see this doc regarding update datafields dynamically(


However I think this issue can be best addressed by the remote services (


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Good day paulsturmey,


As mentioned in initial your post you are on K2 cloud, therefore, it would be difficult to manually use 3rd part tools, what I would ultimately suggest is to make use of the assistance of our remote services as they will appropriately be able to guide you and be presently  be available hands-on to help you update your process data fields.
Should you require hands-on assistance kindly log an RM ticket ( or you could log in a support ticket where we will reach out to your local RM on your behalf, also note that they will require a certain amount of credits for them to assist.


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