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  • 10 June 2020
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Hi All,


There is a post on 2014 "Using a mobile device camera, GPS and touch capabilities in a smart form".


is there any new feature or utilities available for accessing mobile device camera?


This is very usefull as user can direct snap the picture, annotate and submit the form.


Thank you.

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Hi   @foo_yk 


There is image annotation control that allows you to mark and annotate images when using the K2 mobile app.

Kindly have a look at the documentation of this control below:



  • The control is only available for use with the K2 Mobile app

  • The control is not a display control

  • You must configure rule events and actions to execute the control and do something with the data captured by the control

  • Image data is saved as a base64 string

  • Image and picture controls don't support base64 strings. You cannot directly use data from the Image Annotation control in the image or picture controls

Let me know if this helps.




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Hi Huli,

If there is a windows version of this control will be great.

We are using windows 10 tablet.

Thank you.

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Hi @foo_yk ,


I think you can only use it for android and iOS, Im not sure if it will work on a windows device.


Kind Regards