How to show confirmation popup on click of paging

  • 20 February 2021
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We have a requirement to show confirmation popup on paging (pre /next).I couldn't find any default rule available in K2.Could you please help.


Thank You.

3 replies

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Hi Vaj,

On Paging there is no default rule for showing a confirmation message.


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Hi @vraj,

Unfortunately the paging button is not a control (its more of a function), therefore, it connot work with rules. You can try to link the function to a button control using a script and have the show message rule in the button control. Basically when the function is clicked or the mouse clicks on the specific function, then execute the button control, however im not sure that the confirmation message/popup will work as intended. 


Kind Regards


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I’m not sure about using Javascript in K2 cloud but you can give a try by adding Javascript code setting data label as Literal and add javascript code in side an expression and set the expression to datalabel.


just a have a look at below post