K2 Anonymous license

  • 28 October 2020
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Hello there. Is a license required if we want to provide public access to views and forms?

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Hi there, 

If you want to find out more about Anonymous Access please see:

If you are referring to a specific K2 license, then as far as I know it’s a feature within the program that is not limited to your licensing. As mentioned in the above sites:

If public users, who don't belong to a company's Active Directory or other Identity Store, are required to open SmartForms, anonymous access rights can be assigned to these people.

Anonymous Access is granted on a specific Internet Information Services (IIS) web site, application or virtual directory. SmartForms supports anonymous access by using the Application Pool Account user to log into K2 Host Server on the site that is created for these users. Either all access to K2 on this site is Anonymous from an IIS perspective or Windows or Forms Authentication is applied.

Should you need to grant certain users Anonymous Access rights and other users Windows or Forms Authentication rights, two runtime sites can be installed where one is configured for anonymous access and the other for authenticated access.


Does this help or are you referring to a different type of license?


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Hello Esmari

Thank you for the links and clarifications. We use K2 cloud and our service provider has imposed a new license, i.e. the K2 Anonymous license for forms that will be accessed by public without an authentication provider meaning literally anyone who is not on our active directory.

I want to know if such license exist and required in the scenario i have described.