K2 SmartObject Dependencies Analyzing

  • 6 August 2019
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For K2 4.7, If I want to know any SMF rule on all Forms/Views which using the SMO A.

By associated smo with Views, or action excute smart object in Rule.

Is it possible to analyzing? Such as, using SQL script or other.


Thank you in advance.

4 replies

Hi  @Sumit;


Please check out with this community post(, dive down to  @khanh 's response, the same console tool attached, also attached there with alternative of "P&D tool to check the depandancies and all the artifacts" and Apex SQL Search.


Kind Regards;


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Good day Sumit, 

In addition to the information, @Widson  has provided, you may also kindly check the following 4.7 system documentation labeled "Dependency checking and  fixing dependency issues" located here:

and scroll down into "Dependency issues and dialogues" as well as "fixing dependency issues" and lastly if you read on "Overriding dependency checking on Check In" it explains that the default "Analyze on check in" behavior can be disabled to allow Views and Forms containing dependency issues to be checked in. You can use this approach if you want to package K2 artifacts and then use K2 Package and Deployment to debug dependency issues.



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Hi Sumit,


I'm happy to say that I integrated this tool in SmartObject service tester++: "SmartObject usage" and "Environment library usage": It search in SmartForms, Workflows (K2 Five and K2 Studio).

The SmartObject Service tester++ is only compatible with on premise versions.


Note: you can vote on this K2 idea too:


Best regards,

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Thanks Olivier for this very handy tool. Works well with our K2 Five 5.2 verison on-prem instance. Cheers. Time to clean up unnecessary/unused SMOs in the projects :-)