CSV Service

  • 9 October 2015
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This broker allows you to export any SmartObject?s list method in CSV Format.


The broker must be configured to accept a maximum number of input properties and parameters so it can adapt to all SmartObject structures.


It returns the results as a string and a file.


You can find in the solution :

- The documentation file

- The source code with the final DLL.

3 replies

Hello Ogustin,


Hope you are good at your end.


Need some insight as regards the CSV service.


Want to know how I can get specific Columns from the targeted Smartobject. I have tested the CSV SmartObject, and I suppose it only gives the whole row entries of the target SmartObject.


So, suppose I have a SmartObject with 20 column, and I jsut want to get 10 columns for my CSV generated file, how do I go about that please.


I await your reply as soon as you are chanced for a reply.


Best regards,

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Hello Ogustin,


Just wanted to know whether this service is compatible with K2 4.7 and K2 Five or not?


Thanks in advance






Thank you for taking the time to publish this example. I have yet to find a K2 export tool in the community that is secure.  The following approach will work but has some security loopholes. 


  1. You have basically exposed all your SMO data that your Service account has access to.
    1. All they need is the name of the SMO and post data to K2's /Runtime/Runtime/AjaxCall.ashx control with some parameters 

You will need to build in some sort of security check in the CSV.cs code to check if the person has access to the resource. 


I really wish K2 could ship a simple export control with adequate security around it.