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  • 7 December 2015
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Tired of opening the configuration files just to change your smartobject and host server logging options? Then look no further.


This tool allows you to configure the various smartobject logging and host server logging options with just a few clicks.



K2 4.6.9 - K2 4.6.11



1. Extract the contents of the zip file to a location of your choice on the K2 blackpearl server. It is recommended that you extract it with the folder.

2. Run 'K2 Host Server Configurator.exe'


Full Feature List:


SmartObject Logging

  • Set the path for SmartObject Logs

  • Turn on or off SmartObject Logging

Host Server Logging

  • Turn on of off Host Server Logging

  • Set the level of logging for the various available extensions

  • Set the path for Host Server Logs


  • Check your SmartActions Configuration

  • Open the Connection String Editor tool

  • Turn on or off SmartActions (without running the setup manager)


Restart K2

  • Restart the K2 service or restart K2 in console mode directly from the tool



Change Log



- Fixed bug where configuration files will not backup properly



- Fixed bug where Host Server Logging level dropdowns will show each option multiple times



- Changed help page design, should be easier and nicer to read now

- Added more information to help page.

- Configuration file backups will now be made each time the configuration is saved.

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