K2 Worklist Web Part

  • 28 June 2010
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** Update March 30, 2011: uploaded a refresh based upon 4.5.1230 code set ** This project contains a snapshot of the K2 tasklist webpart code that shipped with K2 4.5. This is provided as-is as an example around how to structure worklist calls to K2 as well as allow people to extend the functionality as they require but not have to start the effort from scratch.

5 replies

SharePoint 2010?

Hi all


I don't have an environment available to check this - but will it work on SharePoint 2010?

Some pointers

Simply following the deployment instructions is not enough if you want to make any changes to the configuration pages.

These pages are stored in the 12 hive and are not compiled along with the dll. These page ARE included in the zip file, BUT reference the SourceCode.Workflow.TaskList assembly.

You must change the 12TEMPLATELAYOUTSK2TaskListweb.config file and add the following




add assembly="SourceCode.Workflow.CustomTaskList, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=16a2c5aaaa1b130d"/>

 and remove the reference(s) to the 'Out of the box' webpart assembly.

Obviously you will need to copy the 12 hive onto the SharePoint Instance you want to deploy to.

K2 Worklist Web Part

Hello Bob,
Is this webpart code availabale only for 4.5 ? I don't have this version and SourceCode.SharePoint library is missing.Do you know where I can find a startup for the prevoius versions or how to tweak the version posted by you?



Does this web part work on SharePoint 2013?



Is there an update to this code? I notice it was modified in 2011 so I'm just wondering if anything has changed since then or new code produced?