SmartForm Inspector - Free Trial

  • 20 April 2015
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SmartForm Inspector - Free Trial


For the latest information visit: SmartForm Inspector for K2 Five

Download a free 30 day trial version: Free SmartForm Inspector TRIAL

Compatibility: K2 4.7 through K2 5.x

SmartForm Inspector is an advanced tool for users of K2 Designer. It was developed to provide advanced functionality that is needed for troubleshooting, documenting, and comparing SmartForms:

  • Rule Explorer - Provides a 2-dimensional view of rules and configuration values
  • Context Browser - Select a control in the context browser to find where it is used in rules
  • Search Rules - Search rules for SmartObject, Method, Rule Name, Control Name, Parameter, etc.
  • XML Output - Great for comparing rules across different SmartForms and Views
  • HTML Output - Publish SmartForm documentation as hostable html
  • Multiple Environments - Allows inspection of forms across K2 environments
  • Re-map SmartObjects - Painlessly to change SmartForm to use different SmartObjects

SmartForm Inspector is a K2 Designer companion tool that allows you to easily surf control properties and form rules and see configuration settings without drilling through wizards. While surfing, you can expand and collapse rules and everything is color coded so you know intuitively what you are seeing


Installation and Licensing

  • SmartForm Inspector is designed to be installed on a K2 server or non-K2 server such as a laptop and can be configured for easy connection to multiple K2 environments.

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