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  • 19 August 2016
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Application SmartObject Service Tester++ is a modification of the official "SmartObject Service Tester" version 4.6.11: Compatible from 4.6.9 to K2Five 5.3.
Currently, the main improvements are:
  • SmartObject server Properties: highlight server with sensitive data
  • SmartObject server Properties: add connection to the K2 Database to add behaviours in the SmartObjects - Services - Tester++
  • Add possibility to see dll information of the Service Types
  • Allow to load the SmartObjects Log in order to replay the SmartObject execution with same input properties
  • Create SmartObject: compare easily ServiceObject and corresponding SmartObjects
  • Display in different color the custom objects
  • New navigation bar and favorite management
  • New setting screen
  • Possibility to change the display format of objects
  • Possibility to copy “display name” and/or “system name” to the clipboard
  • Possibility to verify integrity of Smart Objects
  • Possibility to manage a Smart Object default naming convention
  • Copy only the data in the List Results
  • New menu "Tools++" with following tools:
    • SmartObject advanced search
    • Check Sharepoint lists, libraries and settings
    • SmartObject usage tool
    • Environment library usage
    • SmartForms controls search and usage
    • Extract workflows
    • Check licensed users
  • Service instance usage statistics: accessible from any SmartObject Category

Details on  these improvements and more than 75 other minor ones can be found on the file "Release note.docx".


Last vestion could be downloaded from this URL:

Beta version:


For K2 4.6 and 4.7:

16 replies

Looks good I will give it a try..


Thanks for the nice tool, for this scenario it is showing wrong service instance type and please see attached images. I am using 4.7 VM.






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Hi Karanth,


I sent you by private message a debug version and now it seems to be fixed.

I will update soon the release version of this tools: You will have an automatic prompt as an AutoUpdater is managed at the start of the tool.


Thanks a lot for this feedback.




Thank you.




Hi, is this work wiht K2 Five ??
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It appears to work in K2 five, but you might run into a bug whereby you are not able to see your SmartObjects in their containing folder in the SmartObject Explorer node but they are listed when you view them under "All SmartObjects".



Outside of that, everything else seems to be working as expected.



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Hi all, I updated this tool in order to have 2 versions: 

  One compatible with K2 Five

  One compatible with previous version.

Playing with the autoupdater, the switch will be automatic.

Excelent tool! Thanks Olivier

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Dear all,


New version available!
Beta version:

For K2 4.6 and 4.7:


Release note:


Best regards,


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This is an awesome tool.  I just can't believe I didn't know about it until now.  This would have saved me so much time and frustration.  Well done.

Hi Olivier,


great work! Is it possible you also provide the sources for the tool? My colleagues do not have local admin permissions and for some reason the tool seems to need it when we start it.


Many thanks!


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Hi Joachim,
Thanks for your comment.
We currently prefer to not share the source in order to avoid to have several different versions to manage.
The SmartObject service tester++ was started as administrator mainly to be sure to save the setting file (SmartObject Service Tester++.exe.config) at the stop of the tool.
I generated a new beta version 5.0.7 without start as administrator, but you will have a clear error message during the save of this file. The user will have execute the file from an accessible directory for write (Document, Desktop...).
I added 6 other improvements and 3 fixes in this beta version.
You can download the beta version using the Auto updater if your computer is connected to Internet. To get beta version, go to menu "Tools++Settings" and in part "Management for get last version of SmartObjectServiceTester++", choose "Get beta versions".
Or from this link:
Best regards,

This sorts out quite a lot of the frustrations I have with the OOB tool.


Really nice work.

One minor ask would be that when you click Import SmartObjects, it defaults to the .sodx option and not the .publish option.


I think in about 99% of the times I've used the import function it is to import individual SmartObjects and I always have to change it.


EDIT: Ignore that, you already did :)


Really nice work once again.

Hi again,


Having use this tool for a few weeks now I am still very impressed with it.   I have two comments, both of which aren't serious at all.


Would it be possible to have a second right click option on a service instance such that you can refresh the instance without having to see the Check linked SmartObjects new functionality?



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Hi Paulk,

Thanks for your feedback.

For the Refresh service instance, please explain why you want to avoid this? We added it to avoid to do refresh without knowing the impact. Is it very long on your side?

For the execution from non-K2 server, I fixed it in the last Beta version 5.0.12.

The main improvement of this beta version it's that the Filter are now saved in favourite and imported when you use the "Transform SmartObjects Log to Smartobject - Service - Tester++ Urls"

You can download the beta version using the Auto updater if your computer is connected to Internet.
To get beta version, go to menu "Tools++ Settings" and in part "Management for get last version of SmartObjectServiceTester++", choose "Get beta versions".
Or from this link

The release note for beta version is accessible from this link


Best regards,