SMS Texting Service Broker with Twilio (K2 Five and 4.7)

  • 20 February 2019
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Method Automation Services Inc. (MAS) is proud to release the next generation service broker to SMS & MMS Texting for K2 Five.  Now power your workflows and automated processes with ability to send and receive text messages in a couple clicks.  MAS leverages the industry leader in the cloud messaging space with Twilio ( ) delivering an affordable and powerful solution within minutes. 


This K2 Service broker is specifically designed to send and receive text messages.  A web-based controller or SmartHook is also available upon request for handling K2 client events.  The SmartHook controller will track assigned workflows tasks and provides a configurable bot that will action workflow tasks specifically assigned to the recipient of the text message.  Now, employees can respond to assigned tasks from anywhere on their mobile device.


For a quick and simple setup, the SMS Texting Service Broker includes installation and developer documentation. 


The Twilio K2 Service Broker is fully supported in K2 Five and K2 4.7.v 

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