change user account running K2 Blackpearl

  • 19 September 2011
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Hi everyone,

I have k2 environment which consist of the following servers:

  • K2 Server. This server host k2 component and K2 workspace component.

  • SharePoint 2007 Server. This server host K2 for sharepoint component.

  • Database Server. This server host K2 Report component.

In addition to that, I am using the following accounts in the installation and configuration:

  • K2install. This account used for installation purpose.

  • K2Service. This account used to configure the K2 server.In addition to that, this account is site collection administrator on the SharePoint Server.

  • K2workspace. This account used to run the workspace.

Today, My Manager request from me to change the accounts that I used in the installation and configuration steps. How easy it will ? and it is require to uninstall and re-install K2 in order to do that?


3 replies

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To change the accounts, run through the K2 Setup Manager on the K2Server and the MOSS server. Reconfigure the appropriate components with the appropriate accounts. You would not need to uninstall/reinstall K2.


Johan is correct, assuming the new account has all the access and rights needed as stated in the K2 Documentation.



Been a few years since the original post was created, but I find myself in the same situation: need to change all accounts to new accounts on a different domain. Can I be certain the Setup Manager for 4.7 won't attempt to install software over the existing environment if all I'm doing is changing accounts? I'm looking through the documentation online. What else should I consider? I've got blackpearl, SmartForms, SharePoint and Exchange. Thanks in advance!