Install, Update and Use K2 together with Sharepoint 2019 Onpremise

  • 11 July 2020
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Hi, please tell me which (and where) kind of binaries and other things (IIS Pools eg) are installed on Sharepoint Servers if i use K2 together with Sharepoint 2019 on premise.
Is it possible to install just on D Drive ? What happens during installation and upate process? Which Permissions are required for this tasks on the sharepoint servers

Which ports are used to communicate with Sharepoint (On which Server to which Sharepoint Component like WFE, App oder SQL Server) - We need to handle Microsegmenting on the customer environment (seperate components)
Which workload create the interaction between Sharepoint and K2 Farm on the Sharepoint Servers?
On which Sharepoint Server? Are there recommendations about the configuration ?

1 reply

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In our modern K2 for SharePoint integration, you do not install anything on SharePoint servers. Rather, K2 for SharePoint is a provider-hosted app that you upload to the App Catalog in SharePoint, and deploy from there. See this page in the documentation for a bit more information.

As far as permissions go, please see K2 for SharePoint here for details.

We also include a Firewall Ports and K2 section, which should answer your questions regarding ports to open.


If you would like to have a more in-depth discussion around design considerations, I would strongly recommend you consider engaging K2 Remote Services.