Exchange Integration (Out of Office)

  • 6 February 2020
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Within K2, is it possible to obtain the Out of Office status of a user through Exchange?


We use Office 365, therefore the email address of the logged in user will be the login for Outlook online.


Is it possible say to provide the user/email address to a SmartObject (?), and it returns a True/False value to indicate if the user is Out of Office.


I imagine this would require a Service Broker of some sort?


I guess the ultimate goal would be if Exchange out of office status could feed into K2's out of office functionality?





1 reply

Hello  @ConradMc


Sadly, this does not currently appear to be possilbe within K2. None of the SmartObjects that can be generated from a Exchange Online service instance seem to be able to pull that information back. I looked on our ideas site and there appears to be an active feature request for such integration capabilities with Exchange. I have included the link to that below. You might consider voting on it so that you can remain in the loop about updates regarding the feature as well as to show the developers that there is a greater need for such functionality by getting your colleagues to vote too.