How to SFTP a file from company server to a K2 Cloud instance

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We have a file we need to automatically send daily from our on-premises server to our K2 instance.


We'd like to use SFTP from our system in batch (for example using AutoSys).


This is not a manual upload. It is a batch upload happening in the early hours.


I've scanned the help system here and have found nothing. We're looking for particulars please (not a generic help system link).


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Please check out with this link(, however i advise you to liase with your local RM regarding the issue.


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Hi Petrie


 The link below is the befect link for your question:


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Can you provide more details about what you are trying to accomplish? What do you plan on doing with the file after transferring it? K2 Cloud does not support SFTP, and your cloud instance is not meant to be used as a file storage. If you want to import data in a file to your K2 Cloud instance directly, and not storing it somewhere else with the use of SmartObjects, then you will have to check with your K2 representative if that is allowed.