K2 blackpearl integration with Sharepoint provider hosted app

  • 6 January 2020
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Hi All,


I have a question on K2 blackpearl integration with Sharepoint provider hosted app. 


A sharepoint provider hosted app (converge point) is installed in sharepoint online where library resides in sharepoint provider hosted app. In this can we install K2 app and integrate with the library? How it will be different from normal sharepoint integration 




1 reply

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Which version of K2 blackpearl are you referring to? There are some differences to the integration steps on 4.7, and before 4.7.


For 4.7 and newer, if you are on SharePoint Online, there should be a K2 app that you can add from the app store. If you cannot access the online app store, then you must manually upload the app to your SharePoint's App Catalog. This is for normal use cases. 


For sharepoint provider hosted app, I am not isure f you are even allowed to add a new app within the hosted app. That K2 app is critical in ensuring the integeration between K2 and SharePoint works. If you cannot add the app, then the integration will not work.