K2 not seeing new item created from web services

  • 25 January 2019
  • 3 replies

We have an Exchange account that when an email is flagged code automates this into a SharePoint List. We've setup a K2 workflow to trigger an email saying the task as been received. When manually adding an item the K2 workflow works but does not trigger when sent via the web services add. Is there something we're missing?

3 replies

Im guessing the Workflow is set to start on Events like item added? If so then the Event is registered in SP, when an item is added SP raises the event to hit the K2 endpoint configured. Sounds to me like the automated way the item is added is not triggering SP Events. Once the K2 Event is registered its up to SP to raise it. Especially if it works fine when you add an item manually to the list.


Yes, we are triggering the workflow to start on a item being added. It looks like we are using an INSERT INTO statement to add the item, is there a way to add additional code to trigger the SP events? I haven't been able to locate anything with searches. I had a feeling since the workflow triggers fine with a manual add but not via the automation from Exchange. 

I know of you use CSOM or SPO POershel modules to upload or create items works. I'm not sure at all what your solution looks like.

In PS it would look something like this