K2 - Oracle DB integration

  • 18 February 2019
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We are trying to connect to the local oracle DB through K2 cloud. 

 K2 is asking to open to the IP address to access our local DB. As per standards we can't open IP for internet. 


Is there any tool which can be setup at our end to make a secured connection to K2 cloud rather opening SQL port ? 

We just want to have a secure connection which will encrypt the data when K2 cloud application access our DB ? 




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1 reply

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First off, I hope you understand why K2 is asking you to expose your Oracle DB to the internet. Your K2 Cloud instance is hosted somewhere on the internet, so for it to be able to connect to any on-prem data source, your on-prem data source will need to be exposed to your K2 Cloud.


However, simply exposing your Oracle DB server to the internet is most probably the least secure option out there. There are more secure options that you can consider. Download this document to get an idea what are some options available to you.


I will also recommend you talk to a K2 representative about this. If you need assistance, consider engaging a K2 Professional Services consultant to help you.